Vetsend.co.uk stock an extensive range of premium quality medicines, nutritional supplements and supplies for your rabbit. If you have any questions about these items or can’t find the one your looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team.


It is very important for rabbits to obtain their essential vitamins and fibres through a balanced diet. Selective eating is one of the main problems with offering a balanced diet to rabbits, which is why we also offer specific rabbit food to prevent this. This type of food consists of one type of pellet or nugget, to ensure they cannot just eat the tasty ones.

Medicines & Supplements

Medicines and supplements can be given to rabbits to help relieve, prevent or support numerous health problems. You can use nutritional supplements to help support rabbits, for example, to recover from injuries, after surgery or to support older rabbits.

Supplies & Accessories

This category encompasses a range of supplies to help ensure your rabbit is a happy and healthy one. It is important for rabbits to be entertained, which can be done with items such as toys. To help support your rabbit’s health, Vetsend offer medical supplies that can be used to help them recover from injuries or after surgery. Examples include the Medical Pet Shirt for Rabbits, wound sprays and thermometers.


The top category Hygiene & Surroundings offers all of the supplies necessary to ensure that your rabbit has a clean and hygienic environment to live in. Some of the items are also available in the Supplies & Accessories category. Other products for your rabbit’s surroundings include ones that neutralise bad odours in their hutch.