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Beaphar continuously develops health and care products, medicines and nutrition. It now has more than 500 products in its range for the well-being of your pet.

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Beaphar believes that your pet deserves the very best and is therefore entitled to the best care. It does this by supplying high quality products at affordable prices.

Beaphar in stressful situations

Pets can become restless, anxious or nervous in certain situations. Precarious situations include veterinary visits, travel, thunderstorms or fireworks. Restless behaviour can manifest itself in excessive whining, mewing, spraying, destruction or undesirable territorial behaviour. This isn’t pleasant for you or your beloved buddy. Your pet will then benefit from a product with a calming effect. Beaphar No Stress – Dog and Beaphar No Stress – Cat are products that calm down, stimulate good behaviour and reduce tension. Beaphar No Stress is available as an diffuser, collar, pipette or spray (cat only). If you are looking for a natural way to calm your pet, then have a look at the Beaphar CBD Snacks. These treats are chicken flavoured and contain cannabidiol, which contributes to the wellbeing of your furry friend. This substance is also available as CBD Oil and CBD Paste for dogs and cats.

What makes your pet happy?

In addition to care and health products, Beaphar also has other products to make your pet as happy as possible. An example of this is the Beaphar Gentle Leader for dogs. All dogs instinctively pull on an ordinary dog belt; the counter pressure of the belt causes the dog to pull more and more. With the Beaphar Gentle Leader this is now a thing of the past. It is a unique head collar that allows you to correct, train and control your dog in a friendly way.

Beaphar’s flea control agents

Henk Aa, son of Bernard Aa, introduced in 1983 one of the best known Beaphar products: the flea collar. Fleas are a common phenomenon in pets. It can cause itching, red spots or even scabs on the skin. Over the years Beaphar has introduced several anti-flea products to help protect your pet from this pesky creature.

  • Flea pill: or anti-flea contraception. You use this pesticide once a month. It ensures that the eggs of the flea no longer hatch, so that new fleas have no chance. Beaphar Fleas Conception is available in liquid for cats, or in tablets for dogs. Please note that this product does not kill the fleas present on your pet.
  • Flea collar: Beaphar’s first and best-known flea control product. The Beaphar Flea collar protects your pet from fleas for 6 months. Use the Beaphar flea collar cat for your cat and the Beaphar flea collar dog for your dog.
  • Flea spray: do you want to make your surroundings and those of your pet flea-free? Then the Beaphar Flea Spray is a good solution. Beaphar Flea Spray is used in places where your pet often comes: its bed, the carpet, cuddly toys. The product is immediately active and lasts up to 14 days.
  • Beaphar FriproTec: do you want to protect your pet not only against fleas, but also against other pests? Then take a look at our range of Beaphar FiproTec products. Beaphar FiproTec Spot-On Dog and Beaphar FiproTec Spot-On Cat are pesticides with Fipronil against fleas and ticks. You can easily administer this pesticide with a spot-on pipette. Would you prefer a product that protects against fleas, ticks and lice? Then choose Beaphar Fiprotec Combo Spot-On Dog or Beaphar Fiprotec Combo Spot-On Cat with fipronil and S-methoprene. For puppies or kittens you can use the Beaphar Fiprotec Spray, which can be used from 2 days old.