Specific is specially designed to meet the high requirements of your cat/dog and is tailored to their life phase and health condition. At Specific, everything revolves around the Circle of Good: 5% of every product sold will be donated to charities that support the environment. An improved environment leads to ingredients of high quality, which eventually will be processed in the food of Specific. This in its turn leads to healthier animals, satisfied pet owners and means to invest in a healthier environment.

Something for everyone

The product range of Specific includes numerous kinds of food. This way, there is a specific food for every cat or dog. The diet food is developed for pets with excess weight, diabetes, bladder stones, digestion problems, kidney, liver and heart problems, allergies or arthritis. Specific maintenance food provides in the daily need of specific needs in your dog or cat. This food is available in three different age categories: puppy/kitten, adult and senior. Next to these variants, Specific also has an organic product line. During the development of this food, animal wellbeing and respect for nature are top priorities.

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