TROVET Puppy Milk PMR Bulk packaging

TROVET Puppy Milk PMR Bulk packaging

This bulk pack contains a TROVET food barrel containing Puppy Milk PMR, a feeding bottle with dummy and test bags of TROVET puppy food. Ideal to have at home if the mother dog doesn't have enough milk for the puppies or if the milk is of insufficient quality.

TROVET Puppy Milk PMR Dog - 2kg
  • TROVET Puppy Milk PMR Dog - 2kg


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Product Description

TROVET Puppy Milk PMR Bulk Pack

Puppy Milk from TROVET is a complete milk food for newborn dogs. This is a suitable product if the mother dog does not produce enough milk or milk of insufficient quality. If this is the case, it could be necessary to replace or supplement mother milk. TROVET puppy milk is specially tailored to meet the specific needs of newborn puppies. The composition corresponds as much as possible to that of natural mother milk.
In addition to the TROVET Puppy Milk, this bulk packaging also contains a feeding bottle with a dummy and dry and wet food from TROVET Puppy CPF, so that you have everything you need to help the puppies grow healthily.

Properties TROVET Puppy Milk PMR Dog

  • High-quality complete milk replacement powder with a high energy and protein content
  • TROVET Milk PMR Puppy contains an optimal lactose content and is comparable to the lactose content of mother milk
  • For motherless puppies and suitable as supplementary food for large litters and in case of insufficient care by the mother


Alternative supplement of breast milk

Do not use with

Adult dogs and weaned puppies


Dissolve the milk powder in warm water in a feeding bottle to prevent lumps from forming. To make 45 ml of milk: take 30 ml of water at approx. 50°C and add 15 g of TROVET Puppy Milk powder. Shake the feeding bottle for about 30 seconds and check whether the milk powder has dissolved properly.
Important: make sure the milk has cooled down to 38°C. Check this by gently pouring some milk on the wrist.

Nutritional advice TROVET Puppy Milk PMR per day
Age in days Milk (ml) per kg body weightFeeding frequency per day
0 -21808 – 12
3 – 71806

1 non-level measuring spoon supplied with the product = approx. 15 grams of Puppy Milk powder.


Composition Puppy Milk

Coconut fat, whey powder, sodium caseinate, dextrose, dicalcium phosphate dihydrate, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide.

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