Zylkene Equine

Zylkene Equine

Zylkene Equine is a product that helps horses cope with stressful situations. Zylkene Equine contains all-natural ingredients and does not include any prohibited substances based on the list provided by FEI.

Zylkene Equine - 20 x 4g
  • Zylkene Equine - 20 x 4g


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Product Description

Zylkene Equine

Zylkene Equine helps horses cope with stressful situations. Zylkene Equine only contains natural ingredients.

Zylkene Equine is a natural food supplement, developed to help horses and ponies cope with stressful situations. Zylkene Equine helps horses to quickly and easily adapt to changes in their environment or daily routine. Even in dogs and cats, Zylkene Capsules is widely used to reduce stress. There are no undesirable side effects such as drowsiness, loss of concentration or reduced performance. Restlessness in horses can, among other things, result from: long mandatory stable rest; a new environment, people or horses; weaning; drilling and training; transport by trailer or plane; competitions; grooming or shaving; or a visit to/from the vet, dentist or farrier.

Zylkene Equine can be used short and long-term:

  • Short term: If the horse's discomfort is affected by transport or dentist visit, for example, Zylkene Equine can help. You should start the treatment 2 days before the event and discontinue once the stressful period is over.
  • Long term: Zylkene Equine can be given long-term in cases of continuous behavioural problems. You'll see success with the combination of behavioural training and the administration of Zylkene Equine. After 20 days, the horse's behaviour should be evaluated by a veterinarian. If required, the treatment can be continued.

Manifestations of anxiety and stress in horses

A certain level of anxiety is normal. But when excessive, it can lead to behavioural problems developing in horses, including:

  • Weaving: Swaying back and forth (from left to right), swinging the head, neck and sometimes the hindquarters.
  • Cribbing and air-sucking: This is when a horse grasps an object with their front teeth, making a pulling movement where air is sucked into the oesophagus. Air-sucking is the same but without the object.
  • Shaking and nodding head: Repeatedly moving the head up and down, or suddenly flinging the head.
  • Playing with the tongue: Horse sticks their tongue out, letting it hang in the air.
  • Additional stereotypical behaviour: repeatedly licking and biting the walls, feeding troughs etc.

Key features

Zylkene Equine contains decapeptide-casozepine that goes through a natural process in which a milk protein (casein) is created. Zylkene Equine only contains natural ingredients. There are no undesirable side effects such as drowsiness, loss of concentration or reduced performance.


Zylkene Equine Powder is easily packed in individual sachets. Mix the contents of the sachet with a small amount of food. Give the required amount of food in one go.

  • Horses up to 500 kg: one sachet per day.
  • Horses over 500 kg: two sachets per day.

Treatment duration

On average, 2 to 4 weeks. The horse's behaviour must be reviewed after 20 days of treatment. Preferably the behaviour must also be tackled with associated training. If necessary, you can stop or continue with an adjusted dosage. For an extension on the allotted time period, it is advisable you contact a veterinarian or nutritionist.

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Absolutely works
By , 26 August 2019

Used on horse on box rest . It actually worked. Made a sharp busy mare into a relaxed horse that then coped with box rest. Expensive but worth it. No other calmer works like this

By , 10 June 2018

Seems to work to take the edge off his excitable nature when jumping and then he listens a bit better

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