Cat Beds and Bedding

Cats love finding a place they can retreat to and take a lovely nap. Considering cats spend between 40 and 60% of their time sleeping, they like to find a place that they feel safe before curling up for their nap. Vetsend offers a wide variety of cat beds, baskets and bedding to meet your cat's high demands.

The Igloo Podz are perfectly suited for cats that enjoy crawling into their beds. In warmer weather, it is possible to fold down the tops of the Igloo Podz to create a normal cat bed. Vetsend also offer numerous cat beds by Tramps, with lovely soft bedding that cats love to take a nap on!

Orthopaedic Bedding

Within this category you can find numerous orthopaedic beds and bedding for cats. Most orthopaedic mattresses are made of Memory Foam, a specialised padding that moulds to your cat's shape and temperature, which evenly distributes their weight across the mattress and diminishes pressure on joints and spine. The memory foam bedding returns to its original shape every time the cat leaves its bed, which allows it to remould perfectly to your cat's shape, time after time. Orthopaedic beds are perfect for cats suffering from arthritis or other joint problems.

Vetsend also offer different types of cat beds or bedding such as the Vetbed Gold, a bed created specifically for cats with allergies.

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