Cat Grass

Folic acid and hairballs

Even though they are real carnivores, eating grass is very natural for cats. This phenomenon arises from a natural need for folic acid. Folic acid is a B6 vitamin that produces haemoglobin in the red blood cells. Haemoglobin ensures that oxygen can be transported throughout the body. A lack of this substance can cause anemia. Grass contains folic acid. Your cat cannot produce this substance and has to obtain it from its food. Commercial diets nowadays contain enough folic acid, but cats continue to have the urge to eat grass.

Eating cat grass causes your cat to get rid of hairballs. Did you know that domestic cats spend about 60% of their day taking care of their coats? A cat that washes itself licks up hair. They end up in the digestive tract. By vomiting hairballs, clogging of the digestive system can be prevented.

Grass for indoor and outdoor cats

Nowadays, it is possible to buy cat grass as a plant or seeds of cat grass and plant them yourself. This is ideal for cats that don't come out and otherwise start nibbling on houseplants. Houseplants can be poisonous, so it is good to offer your cat an alternative.[/p]

Outdoor cats can stimulate their digestion by finding grass in nature. Not all grass types are suitable to eat for your outdoor cat! Some types of grass can be irritating or have sharp edges with hooks. Outdoor grass can also be treated with pesticides or other chemicals. It is therefore wise to buy cat grass for your outdoor cat. These contain vitamins and minerals and are more tender.

Do you want to provide your cat with cat grass? At Vetsend you will find several products with which you can breed your own cat grass for your outdoor cat or home tiger. Have a look at the Catit Senses 2.0 Grass Planter and the GimCat Cat Grass.

Cat grass for kittens

Young cats hardly lose any hair. Therefore it is not necessary to provide your kitten with cat grass yet.

Other solutions

Do you prefer not to have plants in your house? Then choose an alternative like the GimCat Anti-Hairball Tabs. These tasty cat tabs support your cat by naturally removing swallowed hairs.

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