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GimCat Hydro-Grass

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    GimCat Hydro-Grass

    Cats need 'fresh greens' as a supplement to their daily food. Cats can cough up swallowed hairs with the 'green'. This is why cats often nibble on house plants. However, that is not healthy for your cat. So give your cat special cat grass. GimCat Hydro Grass is a useful set for growing catnip. This set contains hydro-pellets which absorb water and ensure the optimal growth of the grass. With this set, you ensure your cat can eat grass in order to cough up swallowed hairs.


    Fill the grass dish to the edge with lukewarm water and pour the water evenly over the contents. The hydro-pellets will have absorbed the water after a few minutes. When the water has been absorbed, place the dish in a warm place with enough fresh air, like a windowsill. After approximately 5 to 8 days the grass will reach a height of 5cm. To ensure the grass stays healthy longer, you can pour another cup of water of approximately 150ml over the grass. After this, the grass is ready for your cats!


    150 grams

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GimCat Hydro-Grass reviews
  • Easy to grow
    By Keith Garland, Thursday 11 July 2024

    So easy to grow and the cat likes it and it does him good, as a house cat it helps him with furballs

  • Cat is very happy!
    By Cat Lover, Tuesday 12 July 2022

    My indoor cat loves this grass. It is so easy to grow just fill to the top with luke warm (not cold) water let the soil soak up the water then put it on a windowsill out of direct silent and within 6 days the grass is ready to serve to your cats. I will only buy this brand as the grass grows thickly and lush.