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GimCat Cat Grass

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  • Product Description

    GimCat Cat Grass 

    GimCat Cat Grass is a special set for growing your own cat grass for your cat. Cats need grass to be able to regurgitate swallowed hairs. To prevent your cat from eating the house plants, the best thing to give your cat is cat grass. With this set, you can grow fresh cat grass for your cat!


    Pour half a litre of lukewarm water over the bowl of grass. Leave the bowl for 1 hour and then drain any excess water. The bowl should be placed in a light and warm place. It is important that the bowl is not exposed to direct sunlight or heat from heaters. Spray the cat grass with water daily to ensure that it stays moist. After 5 to 8 days, when the grass has reached a height of 4 to 5cm, you can serve the grass to your cat.

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GimCat Cat Grass reviews
  • My Indoor Cats Favourite
    By Matthew, Sunday 9 June 2024

    My indoor cat will only eat Gim Cat grass. I’ve tried others from other websites and he won’t touch them. Gim Cat grass is always out of stock on other websites so it’s great I can always get it from Vetsend. The grass itself is easy to grow and it lasts quite awhile.

  • This grows incredibly well
    By Samantha Baumgardner, Friday 22 September 2023

    Was shocked by how thick and lush this gets after about 5 days. Was a bit concerned about the jelly type substance but it's just water droplets to keep it fresh. My kitty never came into contact with it, forgot it was there. Grass lasted ages, in well lit room out of direct sun. I misted and watered it daily, until it was droopy and spent. Well worth the money. Its the best kit you can buy imo. Cheap too.

  • Cat grass with meadow scented aroma
    By Paula Jones, Tuesday 2 August 2022

    Don't waste your money, product doesn't grow. Tried one and put it down to my error then did another tray followed instructions to the detail and nothing. I don't know if it's old or damaged seeds but I got no results. Found it expensive in the first place then to get no results fuming.