Scratching Posts

A scratching post is a must-have item for your (new) cat. Cats have a natural instinct to mark their territory, so it is wise to invest in some scratchers. Not only do these items help sharpen your cat’s nails; the outer, dead layer of the nail will be removed as well. After removing this layer, a new, sharp nail will appear. A cat scratcher also satisfies your cat’s need to stretch and relieve stress!

A scratching toy for your cat

At Vetsend we have a wide range of scratching posts, scratching pads and other scratch toys. Cat scratchers can be made out of different materials, like rope or cardboard. You can make a surface or toy smell more attractive by using catnip. As an added bonus, this will also help your cat understand which areas can be used for scratching.

Cat scratchers with rope

If there is no space for a scratching post in your home, a scratching pad might be a good alternative. The ones made of rope usually contain resilient materials like sisal or fibre rope, which means they can handle your cat’s scratching needs. Trixie offers pads that can be mounted to the wall and there is even a special Hammock with Wall Mounting.


Cardboard Cat Scratchers

Cardboard cat scratchers are made in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Most of these pads include a small bag of catnip to make it even more attractive to cats. Are you the lucky owner of multiple cats? Then you might want to take a look at the Beeztees Scratching Plank for Cats. If you buy a couple of these cat scratchers, each cat will have an individual scratcher and napping spot!

Super-luxurious cat scratchers by myKotty

Are you looking for a designer cat scratcher? Look no further, because the myKotty scratchers are the perfect combination of design and practicality. These pads are hand-made and consist of durable corrugated fibreboard. The cat scratchers are available in different colours, so they can easily blend in with your furniture.

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