> Dental diet for dogs and cats

Dental diet for dogs and cats

Dental diet for dogs and cats

Most dental problems in dogs or cats are caused by plaque and tartar.

Dental plaque is produced in your pet's mouth by certain substances in saliva. Dental plaque in dogs and cats consists of a thin layer on the surface of your pet's teeth, where bacteria can easily grow. This in turn can lead to gum disease.

If dental plaque is not removed, it can form tartar by reacting with the calcium in your pet's saliva. Tartar is a yellowish-brown stain on your dog's or cat's teeth. Unfortunately, this can no longer be removed with a tooth brush for dogs or cats.

How can a dental diet for dogs or cats help?

Specific dog diet often helps in 3 ways:

  • 1: It reduces the formation of plaque and tartar thanks to the special composition. A dental diet for pets often contains certain active ingredients, such as sodium polyphosphate, which reduces the transformation of plaque into tartar.
  • 2: It provides mechanical cleaning of the teeth due to the adapted shape, size and structure of the kibble. Chewing the kibbles immediately "polishes" the teeth, which helps to reduce the formation of plaque and tartar.
  • 3: Dental diets often contain specific ingredients, such as lysozyme and lactoferrin and ingredients that provide fresh breath, such as eucalyptus oil. In addition, added substances with a so-called antioxidant effect, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and green tea extracts can help boost the immune system.

Of course, brushing your dog's or cat's teeth remains the number 1 dental care to prevent plaque and tartar formation.

Popular dental health diets for pets

Examples of dental supportive diets are:

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