Horse Diets

There are many different types of horse feed available but what will you do if your horse suffers from laminitis, obesity or even insufficiency of the small intestine? Bonpard has created an entire range of specified horse diets to help treat horses that suffer from any of these ailments, as well as specific diets for senior horses.

Does your horse suffer from health conditions?

Bonpard diet horse feed will allow you to create a balanced diet for horses with chronic digestive disorders such as colic or insufficient bowel movements.

Bonpard's main goal is to help support fragile horses and horses that suffer from ailments, through correct types of feed and diet strategies. Bonpard is more than just a muesli; it represents the total approach to feeding, including the choices and quality of roughage and the daily feeding schedule.

The entire Bonpard range has been specifically designed for horses that have been officially diagnosed by a vet and should only be given under their supervision.

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