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Pavo has a large range in different horse feed and supplements that contributes to your horse’s health. The products of Pavo are composed from the best commodities available, the recipes are scientifically supported and tested in practice.

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Horse feed

Pavo’s Horse feed is divided in three different product lines: Essentials, Sport and Breeding. The Essentials product line includes carefully balanced products that form the perfect basis for everyday care in your horse. These products are suitable for all horses, whether it is for recreative labour or intensive sports. Examples of products in this line are the Pavo 18Plus muesli for older horses and Pavo Nature’s Best supporting a healthy intestinal function. Horse feed selected from the Sport product line are composed specifically for horses that have to perform on a high level. Within this range, Pavo offers Pavo SportsFit and feed from the Pavo Cereals range. The Breeding range covers various horse feed to support pregnant mares and its foal. This includes the Pavo Foalmilk and various supplementary foal feed from the Podo range, to support and provide the growing foal in its daily nutritional needs.


Besides various horse feed, Pavo also has different kinds of supplements in its range of products. These supplements support your horse when it cannot provide its nutritional needs by itself or when your horse needs an extra helping hand. This includes the Pavo E’lyte, which helps to fill a shortage of electrolytes, Pavo NervControl to relieve tension and Pavo HealthBoost to improve your horse’s immune system.

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