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Cavalor’s range consists of different types of food, supplements and personal care products. The assortment is very extensive; for every horse there is a suitable product to find.

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Cavalor horse feed

The range of Cavalor horse feed is divided into 4 different product lines: Harmony, Sport, Special Care and Breeding. Between the green bags of the Harmony food you will find food from the Tradition line (such as Cavalor Tradition Mix) and strucomixes (Cavalor Strucomix Original). In the Sport line (red bags) you will find different types of feed which are specially formulated for sport horses. For each horse there is a feed to find, from mild labour to race horse. The Special Care line (purple bags) takes care of special needs in your horse. For nervous horses, Cavalor Pianissimo is recommended. For horses with sensitive skin Cavalor Strucomix Sensitive is a good option. The Breeding line (yellow bags) provide your pregnant mare and growing foal with the nutrients they require.


Cavalor also offers several supplements to support the vitality of your horse. There is Cavalor Take It Easy, a paste that helps to reduce the horse’s stress response. Cavalor Vitaflor 365 contributes to a healthy intestinal flora and Cavalor Arti Matrix contributes to the maintenance of healthy muscles, tendons and bones.

Nursing products

The Cavalor care products should not be missing in your saddle box. Take care of your horse’s hooves with Cavalor HoofOil Special and use Cavalor Dry Feet to keep the soles of the hoof dry. Cavalor also offers several premium shampoos and coat sprays to keep your horse’s coat shining!

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