Dog shoes

It is uncomfortable to even imagine stepping barefoot on snow or ice. Just like humans, pets need protection for their paws and Vetsend offers dog shoes for every season.

Why dogs need shoes

Just like people, pets are vulnerable to getting injured or even falling ill when they are exposed to extreme conditions. No one steps outside without shoes to walk on snow or over hot, rough surfaces. Dogs need to be protected from extreme weather conditions and this is why dog shoes are sometimes necessary, as well as other protective items such as dog coats and jackets. In winter, a pair of dog shoes keep your pet's paws protected from ice, snow, and road salt which can be harmful. They also keep their feet warm and dry. In summer, dog shoes protect your pet from hard, hot ground and sharp objects like glass and stones that can cut them.

Choosing the right shoes for your dog

It is important to take some factors into consideration to get a pair of dog shoes that will work well for the furry member of the family. One is the material the dog shoes are made of. It is important that it gives your pet grip and traction. This is particularly important for old or sick dogs that may have a problem getting up and maintaining their balance. The shoe sole should be flexible so that your pet can walk naturally.

You also want to choose pet shoes that are waterproof. This way, your pet will remain dry even after a work in the rain or venturing outside in the snow for a short walk. For cold months, you want to get dog shoes that have a lining which makes them warm. It shouldn't be a fight to get the shoes on and off. Look for shoes with Velcro straps because it will be fast and easy to get them on and off.

Waterproof dog shoes

Just like people, pets will need different dog shoes for different seasons and purposes. Waterproof shoes are strong and weather resistant because they are made for walking on snow and ice. They are waterproof and some have a protective toe cap.

Breathable dog shoes

You and your furry companion most likely spend a lot of time outdoors in spring and summer. Keep their paws protected from excess heat and rough surfaces with breathable dog boots. The breathable fabric keeps your pet cool. They also have anti-slip soles for added traction. A similar option is breathable soft dog shoes. They let air circulate and they also have soles that are textured for extra traction.

Fun and functional

Pet owners who go all out for the health and comfort of their four-legged family member trust Vetsend for supplies and accessories that are up to high standard. This includes dog shoes like Medical PetS Boot. These dog shoes are made to protect wounds and injuries and makes sure your pet's bandage remains dry. The boot is easy to put on and can be closed with a drawstring, to avoid moisture getting in from the top. A non-slip sole provides additional grip.

Those who prefer flexible dog shoes could opt for Trixie Protective Socks. These hygienic socks protect pet's wound from dirt and moisture. What's more, the protective dog socks can be cut to size to fit your dog's leg. As this protective sock is made of flexible material, your pet will enjoy plenty freedom of movement.

Dog shoes with additional grip

Ruffwear grip trex boots are made for walking. They keep your pet protected and comfortable while they are in the outdoors. Made for active dogs, they are strong and breathable. They come in different colours and different sizes. A wide opening makes wearing and removal fast and easy and Velcro straps keep them in place.

The right shoes for your dog

Vetsend has several other dog shoe options. Before you order shoes for your dog, you want to be sure that you know the correct size. For hygiene reasons, it is difficult to exchange dog shoes that have already been worn and perhaps become dirty or smell. Use the dog shoe size guide on the Vetsend website and contact our customer service team if you have any additional questions!

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