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Dog Boots

Dogs have thick padding on their paws to protect from injury. However, it is necessary to protect dogs from the extreme temperature of winter and summer. Vetsend can help you pick out the right dog boots or dog shoes for your furry friend.

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Are dog boots really necessary?

While the natural thick padding on your dog’s paws protects the skin, it still helps your furry friend to wear dog boots. These boots provide added protection where there may be unexpected hazards like broken glass, thorns and other sharp objects that can cut through the skin.

Season dog boots

There are different types and styles of dog boots available, for example season boots. These are worn in winter to allow dogs to walk comfortably even in snow and rain. They also have insulation that keeps their paws warm. Dog boots for summer are available as well. These are worn to protect pets when they are walking on hot pavements and other surfaces that become extremely hot in summer. Just like humans, dogs can get injured by walking on very hot surfaces.

Protecting injured paws

Dog boots also protect paws that have suffered from injury. They keep the wound dry and clean so that it can heal without getting infected. It also keeps the bandage in place so that your dog will not be able to touch or lick it which could cause infection. There are boots with additional padding for added protection.

It may also be that you live in an area with rough terrain. This makes your furry friend vulnerable to injury from stones and other objects on the ground that have rough or jagged edges. Such elements may pierce the padding of your dog’s paws or even cut them. The possibility of accidents caused by such things is eliminated with proper dog boots.

Dog boots that are made for walking

You know and understand why your loyal companion needs dog boots but your pet may not. Some pets take to them off immediately while other dogs prance around trying to get used to them. However, most dogs get used to their new boots and accept to wear these dog boots when they go for a walk.

Choose good quality dog boots that will serve your pet for a longer period of time. You will find the best brands at Vetsend. For those nursing pets that have an injury, Medical PetS Boot will keep the wound dry and protected. A wide opening makes it easy to get the boot on and off including over casts and splints without touching the wound. Drawstring makes it possible to keep it firm but not tight and keeps moisture out. The boot sole is non-slip which gives your pet a good grip on the surface.

Dog boots – Vetsend

If your dog’s injury is underneath the paw, Henry Schein Dog Shoes will work well to keep the wound dry and protected. It is water-resistant and easy to adjust thanks to Velcro fastening. Also ideal for an injured paw is The Walker Care Comfort Dog Shoe. It has a soft shell and has a filling of soft fleece. It has a reflective strip and reduces the chances of wound infection.

grey and green dog boots

The same brand offers Trixie Walker Care Dog Shoe, made with neoprene and imitation leather and with a toe section is ideal for use indoors. It is durable but only for indoor rather than outdoor use. Each set has two boots. Buster Dog Boots is another option. These latex dog boots are made for walking with their reinforce soles. They work well for dogs that are often walking or running over rough or uneven surfaces as well as those that are covered in snow or ice. They can also be used over wounded paws.

Dog boots and dog socks

Dog boots can be worn with or without dog socks. Vetsend offers a number of dog socks such as the Trixie Dog Socks, Trixie Latex Dog Socks and Ruffwear Bark’n Boot Liners.

It is important to get the correct size. For hygiene reasons, dog socks and boots that have a smell, contain pet hair, have been worn or look used cannot be returned. You can get a sizing guide on the Vetsend website or ask your vet for guidance.