Dog winter coat

A dog winter coat is a necessity for the protection they provide in cold and wet weather. Your furry family members need protection from the cold just like everyone else. Vetsend offers a number of high-quality winter coats for dogs and raincoats for dogs options from leading brands.

Choosing the right winter coat for your dog

The specific type of coat that your pet needs depends on a number of factors. One is the kind of fur that your dog has. Those that have a double layered coat will not need a heavy dog winter coat. Those with short hair will definitely need the protection that a dog winter coat provides.

Another factor to be considered is the climate that you live in. If you live in an area where the temperatures are extreme, it would be a good idea to keep your furry friend warm with a coat. In areas that are mostly warm or where it doesn't get too cold, your pet may not need one. Along with climate, the kind of routine that your pets are involved in also matters. If they are mostly indoors, you will only need a dog coat when your pet goes outside. However, if your pets are mostly outside, then they will need to be in a dog winter coat for most of the day until they go back inside. If they sleep outside, even in a kennel, they will need the protection of a winter coat through the night.

The age of your four-legged friend also comes into play. Puppies are still developing and are not yet able to regulate their temperature so they need a dog coat when they go outside in cold or wet weather.

Protecting your dog from the rain

Perhaps your pet has a thick coat of fur and doesn't need a dog winter coat. However, all dogs need protection against the rain. If not a winter coat, then your pet will need a raincoat at the very least. This way, your pet can still go outside and take that walk even if it is raining cats and dogs. One of the best options is the Puppia Base Jumper Dog Raincoat. This coat has a high neck which provides complete protection. This raincoat is a favourite with pet owners because it is also a safety jacket, thanks to reflective detailing that ensures that your pet is visible in the dark.

Other winter dog coats and dog raincoats

One of the best options is the waterproof and breathable Hurtta Extreme Warmer. It has reflective foil inside which retains heat as well as reflectors on the outside for visibility. It also has a hood that protects the ears and the back length is adjustable. The coat can safely be washed in a washing machine.

The Trixie Prime Winter Coat is another perfect dog winter coat for your furry friend. This windproof and waterproof jacket offers with a soft polyester lining has a protective collar and can be adjusted around the neck and rear thanks to Velcro fastening. The dog coat has double openings that are fastened with zippers. The jacket is made in such a way that a lead can be passed and be attached to the collar or harness. Reflectors ensure your pet can be seen in the dark.

Fleece is a sure bet for keeping warm and that is true for a dog winter coat as well. Get your pet into a Weatherbeeta Fleece Dog Blanket for warmth and good looks thanks to the navy blue with white and red trimming. This fleece blanket is light in weight and has a zip along the back so that getting it on and off is fast and easy. It also ensures a snug fit so it will stay on even if your pet decides to take a sprint. When it needs to be cleaned, it can safely go into the washing machine.

Another dog winter coat that will do the job is the Scruffs Thermal Coat. It repels wind and the water and will effectively retain your pet's body heat. The soft, inner lining will keep it cozy. All this comes in a good-looking, lightweight jacket.

Dog winter coats from Vetsend

Other Vetsend winter and raincoats can be ordered on the website include fleece coats and raincoats from the best brands. Dog bathrobes are available as well. It is important to get the size right because jackets that have already been tried on, that have a smell or that have been washed cannot be returned or exchanged. This is for hygiene reasons. The sizing guide on the Vetsend website will help you to get it right so that you have a pet that is warm and cosy and that feels as good as it looks. If you need any further assistance with choosing the correct size, then please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team!