Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Who doesn't know the Golden Retriever? The Golden Retriever originates from a border area between England and Scotland. With its wavy golden coat and friendly look, it was 'love at first sight' for many people. Understandable, because the Golden Retriever is not only beautiful from the outside. He has a very soft and friendly character and very much likes to do everything for his boss. It is a well-balanced, lively, powerful dog, which is practical and well-structured with a friendly expression. In the United Kingdom, the Golden Retriever is a popular companion dog.

Breed description Golden Retriever

Breed descent: Great Britain

Other pedigree names: Flat-Coated Retriever, Golden Retriever, The Golden


The coat is smooth or wavy with a weatherproof undercoat. The coat may be golden to creamy colour. Single white markings on the chest are allowed. Comb and brush the coat regularly, cut away the excess hair between foot pads and regularly check that the ears are clean. You can also take your dog to a grooming salon, where he will be given a well groomed appearance.

Physical Features


  • Hunting dog
  • Working dog: guide dog for the blind, rescue dog, detection dog
  • Companion dog

Average weight

The average weight of the dog is between 25-36 kg

Height at withers

Males: 56cm to 61cm, bitches: 51 to 56cm

Approach to training

Golden Retrievers are easy dogs to raise as they are very open to learning new things. This dog is happy to work for its owner and loves to show all the things he can do. You will experience that a Golden Retriever gets excited when you decide to go out together and share new experiences with each other. These dogs are very suitable for training and we therefore highly recommend to visit an obedience school when you are interested in training your pet. When a Golden Retriever is fully grown (around 18 months) it is also possible to take him with you by bike.

Common symptoms

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye abnormalities

Dog sports

As a hunting dog, the Golden Retriever is an outspoken specialist in water game hunting. It is also world-famous as one of the easiest to train breeds, often used to help blind or disabled people.

Golden Retrievers are suitable for owners who are:

Looking for an easy, faithful and sweet family dog

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