Horse Feed

Vetsend has a wide range of horse feeds to ensure that your horse receives a balanced diet and stays healthy and full of life. Choosing the type of food that your horse needs depends on multiple factors, such as age, breed and their level of activeness. First and foremost, all horses need a sufficient amount of roughage in their diet, usually in the form of hay, to provide sufficient fibre and nutrients.

Horse Concentrate Feeds

Horse pellets contain a combination of all of the necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins, available in different types.

Maintenance Concentrates

These are most commonly used for leisure or low-activity horses, as this type of feed aims to maintain the horse's current health while making sure they do not gain weight.

Breeding Concentrates

Breeding concentrate feed offers broodmares and foals the additional nutrients and energy they need. Additionally, to entice foals to eat specialised concentrate for foals it has been given a different texture.

Sport Concentrates

The Sport concentrate is designed specifically for very active horses and provides them with extra energy that stimulates their fitness level and muscle generation.

Horse Muesli

Specialised horse muesli works in the same way as concentrate in that it is used as in addition to a roughage-based diet. As the nutrients in muesli have not been processed as much as those in concentrate, horses may prefer the taste of muesli.


Besides the aforementioned concentrates and muesli, mash is another type of feed that can be given to horses for additional nutrition. As mash is mixed with warm water it has a rich taste and is predominantly used in geriatric or sick horses.

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