Hygiene in Small Animal Enclosures


It is important that their cage or hutch closely resembles that of their natural habitat to make them feel more at home. For example, a gerbil or chinchilla need bathing sand in their enclosure to help them maintain a healthy coat and clean skin. Some rodents and rabbits create nests or dig burrows and thus recreate their natural environment on their own, but they still need the right materials to be able to do so. All small animal enclosures, whether for rabbits, rodents, birds or reptiles need suitable bedding.

Wash your hands

Make sure you and your children always wash your hands after cuddling with animals as they might carry germs. Although the chance of actually getting sick from these germs is slim, ensuring that you wash your hands diminishes this chance even further.


Aside from cleaning their cage, remember that cleaning the area surrounding it is also very important. Capturine Pets Bio-Cleaning is an effective and neutral cleaning agent that removes the smells using enzymes.

Smell Removal

Simply cleaning small animal enclosures and its surroundings usually isn't enough to get rid of the bad smell. Vetsend offers an extensive range of sprays and cleaning agents that neutralise smells and are safe for both animals and humans.

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