Kitten Toys

Kittens love to play! They start to play when they’re about four weeks old, spending most of their time playing with other kittens. When they’re about eight weeks old, they’ll start to focus on all the fun things in their surroundings too. Playing around will help socialise your kitten and gets rid of excess energy. Once your kitten leaves its litter mates, it’s your job to continue the socialisation process. Because not only does playing around strengthen your bond, but it will also help your cat figure out what’s right or wrong. As long as you provide a large variety of toys, your kitten will be occupied and know to unleash its hunting instincts on toys instead of your furniture!

How to play with my kitten?

It’s quite easy to play with your kitten – you just need to put up some boundaries first. Teach your kitten that playing with your hands or feet (or any other body part) is not allowed. Kittens need tob e aware of this boundary to avoid escalations when they’re older. Once your cat is an adult, it’s much more difficult to unlearn bad behaviour. To distract your kitten from playing around with your hands, you can use a teaser toy like the KONG Cat – Window Teaser.

You can also use other teaser and wand toys, or fun play tunnels, climbing posts, play mice, balls or even a piece of paper to entertain your kitten. Just make sure to provide enough variety that will keep challenging your kitten. A great way to do this is by rotating the toys – this way your kitten won’t get bored of playing with the same toys!

Hunting Instinct

Hunting toys are a great way to stimulate your kitten’s natural instincts! Games that involve chasing or pouncing are perfect for indulging your cat’s hunting behaviour, like the Laser Chase II EU or the KONG Cat – Kitty KONG.

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