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Pain relief for dogs

Pain relief for dogs

Dogs can be in pain just like humans. Pain can have various causes. This also means that there are different ways in which you can treat pain. It is wise to go to your vet first to have an assessment of what exactly is going on. Do not get started with paracetamol or aspirin! These are poisonous to your dog.

How do you tell if a dog is in pain?

If your dog suddenly shows clear pain, you should see your vet. For example, if your dog suddenly walks on 3 legs, or can no longer get out of its basket or has rounded back. Your vet will try to determine what is causing the pain and can prescribe an appropriate pain reliever for your dog or suggest a different treatment depending on what the examination reveals.

Dogs, however, can show pain in different ways. In the examples described above, it is clear that your dog is in pain. Sometimes, however, it can be much more difficult to assess whether your dog is in pain. Some dogs just calm down, eat less or sleep more. Other dogs may bite or lick a specific area on the body.

It remains very important that you find out what is causing the pain before you start with 'pain relief' yourself. So always go to your vet for a diagnosis and advice first to prevent your animal from getting more problems due to incorrect treatment.

Chronic pain in your dog

Unfortunately, there are also dogs that always experience pain to a greater or lesser extent. This can be the case with health problems such as osteoarthritis.

Supplements can play a role here. Especially because some painkillers from the vet can cause side effects in your dog or rather not be used in some situations, such as with kidney problems.

What painkillers can I give my dog?

Homeopathic remedies and other supplements can relieve pain to a greater or lesser extent for your dog. The analgesic effect is mainly achieved through anti-inflammatory properties. We'll discuss a few supplements below.

Herbal supplements with an analgesic effect

Herbal supplements can also play a role in reducing joint pain. Puur has many products that can be used for musculoskeletal complaints. Think of Puur Glucosamine Extra as general support for joint problems, but also products that can be used in more specific cases, such as Puur Spondy for back pain and Puur Dyspla for hip dysplasia.

In addition, the more all-round 'pain reliever' Puur Dolor. It cannot be used in animals with impaired renal function.

CBD products as pain relief for your dog

CBD is used in both humans and animals in cases of acute or chronic pain. It can significantly reduce pain, especially in the case of joint problems. CBD can affect the metabolism of other drugs. Therefore, always use this in consultation with your vet.

Omega-3 fatty acids as pain relief for your dog

As mentioned earlier, pain is often caused by inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids may play an important role in reducing inflammation. As a result, these fatty acids can have an indirect analgesic effect, especially when it comes to joint inflammation and osteoarthritis. Not all fatty acids are of the same quality. Products that can be used for joint pain are, for example, Doils Joint and Buster VitalChew Joints & Mobility.

Certainly in the case of osteoarthritis and joint problems there are many more supplements that can support your dog and reduce the need for real pain relief from the vet. Think of supplements such as Flexadin Advanced and Synopet Cani- Syn.

Do you have any questions about pain-relieving supplements? Please contact veterinarian@vetsend.co.uk.

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