Ruffwear for high quality canine wear and equipment for sporting dogs. Does your dog love adventure as much as you do? Do you like to take your pet with you on long hiking trips in the mountains, through the snow and in freezing temperatures or perhaps rather on a hot beach? Then it is very important that your dog has the right gear! Ruffwear is known for its strong and comfortable products that are ideal for taking long hikes or running sessions with your faithful buddy, such as the Ruffwear Webmaster Harness and Ruffwear Dog Sleeping Bag.

Ruffwear, for 21st century canines

A modern but established company, Ruffwear is famous for consistently designing great accessories that really work. Experience plus innovation results in most technologically advanced, durable products. Making coats to harnesses for all kinds of activity and weather, this is the company to trust if you and your furry friend live an outdoors life. Attractive, strong, light weight materials are used, and cutting edge developments in fabric, style and durability are constantly being updated into the product ranges. Discover Ruffwear today, your pooch will be happy you did.

Great sportswear ideas for your dog

Got a large, high energy breed like a Husky? Get him a harness like the Ruffwear Approach Pack. Designed to sit comfortably on his back, it comes in a range of bright colours. It has two panniers just great for accessories, keys, or anything you both want to store. Discover a streamlined, expertly cut dog harness, which is designed to make running with your four legged friend a breeze. Ruffwear also has a specially designed products, which makes towing sports safe and comfortable.

Accessories for all weather conditions

Using the best breathable, easy care materials, there's a range of great ideas to protect and support your pet in all conditions. Hiking up snowy hills? Buy your canine a pair of Polar Trex Dog boots, which will keep his paws cosy and safe. Or try a Swamp Cooler, which is an ingenious light coat designed to help your pooch keep cool in hot conditions. Discover life jackets especially designed for water sports, and fleecy dog coats to keep him warm in winter.

Ruffwear for stylish urban canines

Ruffwear's products have a street fashion appeal, great for urban hounds. So even when running around the local heath, there will be a great harness or accessory that will make the trip go with a swing. Try a Timberline leash. Made from top quality leather in various bright colours, they are great for casual trips and for use on small and mid sized pooches. Or a Ruffwear Front Range Harness, which works for all conditions, and is good for fit canines who have a tendency to pull on a traditional leash. You can also try out the Ruffwear Quencher for active dogs that get thirsty quickly. This is a collapsible bowl that can go everywhere you do. Having one of these will ensure that your furry friend always has access to fresh water wherever you stop to rest.