Small Pets

Vetsend also caters to other small animals and offers an extensive range of products for all. In this category, you can find all of the necessities for smaller pets including rabbits, rodents, reptiles and amphibians.

Hygiene - Enviroment

For your pet

As a pet owner, you want to protect your small friend against outside influences like flies, fleas and ticks. The The Stop! Animal Bodyguard Area Spray is a product that helps you combat fleas without using chemical substances. The composition makes it safe to spray around the accommodation your animals lives in, whether this is your house or his cage. Your small pet’s coat is a perfect area for dirt build-up, allergens and microorganisms. The All Friends Animal Allergen Spray is a spray that removes allergens and reduces the risk of germs.

For the environment

If you don’t keep your pet’s living environment clean, bacteria and mould could grow. Not just that, it’s likely your pet’s accommodation brings some unpleasant odours. That it’s why it's important to clean their hutches/houses regularly. Have a look at the Bunny Nature Cage Care , a natural cleanser formulated with pinewood extract. Did your pet have an accident? With the Urine Off Small Pet, you’ll remove the urine and neutralise the odour.

Rodents and rabbits

Are you looking for certain accessories, feed or do you want to give him a little treat? At Vetsend, you’ll find a large assortment of food, care products and other accessories. We have brands like Versele-laga, Beaphar and Vadigran. If you want to give your small animals a little extra support, we provide medicines and supplements in our online animal pharmacy to ensure good health for your small animal. Is your rabbit's/rodent's hutch decorated with all the necessary needs? We have bedding, accessories and other supplies you can put in your pet’s house. Think of feeders and water bottles. Of course, you don’t want your pet to be bored all day long. Like other pets, rodents and rabbits like to play as well. Give him some entertainment with one of our toys, like the Beeztees Snackbal or Trixie Snack Cube. Want to add a little something to your hutch? Have a look at the Esve Spring House, a tasty supplement that doubles as a house for hiding and sleeping. Sometimes, you might need to transport your small pet. That’s why we offer transport boxes as well.

Coat Care

During the moulting period, it’s advisable to brush your small pet’s coat. If you have a long-haired small pet, we recommend doing this throughout the year to prevent knots and mats. We have special brushes for your friend, like the Furminator for small pets.

Reptile – Amphibians

At Vetsend, we got a broad range of health supplies like medicines, care products, food and supplements for reptiles and amphibians. Have you had a look at the products from Exo Terra? You’ll find anything you might need for your terrarium, like desert sand, rocks, plants, lights, thermometers and other decorative items like skulls. Exo Terra got other items as well, like feed for turtles and bearded dragons.