Virbac Cat Food

Virbac Cat Food

Virbac HPM Veterinary is the new range of wellness food created by Virbac and has been designed to meet the carnivore's nutritional needs as much as possible. Virbac cat food offers a wide range of health benefits that protect the condition and support health.

Virbac HPM Veterinary

HPM Veterinary is the new health food range from Virbac. HPM Veterinary will eventually replace the wellness food of VetComplex. The new generation of nutrition has been developed to meet the nutritional needs of a carnivore as closely as possible. The diet offers a broad spectrum of health benefits that support better condition and health protection.

Innovative Formula

  • This new wellness food is based on low carbohydrates and high proteins. The decrease in starch and carbohydrates and increase in animal fats is brought back to meet the carnivore's natural nutritional needs.
  • This assortment is very low in allergens as it does not include any corn, wheat, gluten, soy, egg or beef, which makes it suitable for hypersensitive and allergic cats.
  • HPM Veterinary has a high level of animal proteins, which means that it provides a nutritional balance that your pet needs. It is a good choice of food to use as a diet and it is high in flavour.
  • All of the HPM Veterinary products have different profiles based on your dog or cat's specific conditions, areas of sensitivity, age or activity level.

Virbac food for cats

The HPM Veterinary food is categorised into the type of condition your cat suffers from. As mentioned before, this range has dry food that can support cats with urinary tract problems, kidney disease, skin diseases, digestive disorders or obesity. But this line also has special food for neutered or sterilised cats. For sterilised cats it is important that obesity is prevented. Cats can become overweight faster after sterilisation or castration, because of the changing nutritional needs. The Veterinary HPM Dietetic Cat - Urology is a tasty dry food that supports cats with urinary tract problems. Veterinary HPM Dietetic Cat - Gastro Digestive Support is in turn perfect food for cats with digestive disorders. Vetsend has suitable dry food from HPM Veterinary in its assortment against all the above health issues.

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