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Cats are relatively easy to keep as a pet: they sleep a lot (about 16 hours a day!), keep themselves entertained and if trained well, they can use the litter box by themselves. But don’t forget that cats are natural hunters and need to be challenged on this instinctual level. Cats that get to explore the neighbourhood usually have enough incentives to satisfy their instincts. But what if you have a house cat? Is she getting enough of a challenge at home? In a smaller area, there won’t be enough room to hunt, play or explore. As soon as your cat gets bored, it will start to sleep and eat more. This can eventually result in overweight with all its medical complaints or in tension, frustration and behavioural problems. To counter boredom and to keep your active, it’s important to get a variety of cat toys to keep your cat entertained.

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Hunting balls

In the hunting toys & balls category you can find all kinds of toys that encourage your cat to chase, hunt or trace the ‘prey’. Think of toy balls and fluffy mice toys – they will surely keep your cat engaged for hours.


Most cats love catnip. It is actually a mild (and complete safe!) hallucinogen that gives cats a natural high. In the Catnip Toys section you can find toys that are infused with catnip, toys that can be stuffed with catnip and even catnip sprays.

Interactive toys

Do you want to challenge your cat’s intelligence? Or does your cat always love to explore the room? Use some interactive toys to really challenge your cat! These toys really stimulate all senses and guarantee hours of fun. Vetsend has different puzzles for your cat. Depending on your cat’s skill, you can choose easy or more difficult toys.

Cat Tunnels

Take your cat on a big adventure with a fun cat tunnel! No matter how big or small your pet is, a play tunnel is the perfect place to play or romping around. Some of the tunnels are super comfy as well, so they can function as a sleeping space too.

Laser toys

Get your cat chasing around the room with a laser toy! Project a little dot on the floor or wal land move it around the room, and your cat will be busy chasing it. Laser toys aren’t just fun, but they are also useful to get your cat active.

Teaser and wand toys

Challenge your cat with a fun teaser rod! This toy is perfect to boost your cat’s natural predatory behaviour as he tries to catch the toy. Guaranteed fun for you and your cat! We offer playing rods from different brands like KONG, life! and Designed by Lotte.

Fillable toys

Are you looking for an alternative way to give your cat treats? With our fillable cat toys, you can reward your cat during playtime. With this added challenge, you’ll encourage your cat to keep playing! Vetsend offers different fillable toys from different brands like KONG, Nina Ottosson and PetSafe.

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