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Beeztees Snacks

Good pets deserve a reward now and then. Beeztees has a large assortment of various snacks and treats for your pet. You can spoil your dog with tasty dog cookies or meat snacks from Beeztees. Most of Beeztees snacks are natural and dried, which improves the flavour. The chewing snacks are delicious treats that help to clean your dog’s teeth.

Beeztees toys

Beeztees has fun toys for various pets, such as dogs, cats and small animals. Cats can hunt their toy mouses, balls or have a good scratch on one of the scratching posts.

Beeztees also has plenty of entertaining toys for dogs, such as balls, fetch toys and chew toys from Beeztees. The Beeztees Sumo Dental is a challenging chew toy for dogs. This toy helps to clean the teeth and can be filled with treats.

Beeztees hasn’t forgotten about the small animals! Vetsend from Beeztees has nice food bowls, play balls or a running wheel in its range for these small animals..

Beeztees Puppy

The puppies have also been thought of. Beeztees has several products in its assortment to make your puppy happy. We have the Beeztees Puppy Ball Pitor give your sweet little four-legged friend a Beeztees XL-Cuddle Boomba to sleep with.

Time for a comfortable nap!!

After playing or eating, it is time for a rest. Beeztees has made different types of baskets and cushions, which are comfortable and have a nice design. Beeztees also has the Beeztees 2-door Crate, you can turn this bench into a comfortable place to sleep with the Beeztees Sleep Set Bench.

Beeztees also has a wide range for cats to transform your house into a real cat palace. Comfortable and fluffy cat baskets for kittens, radiator hammocks to relax in or a tipi tent for your cat.

Beeztees Scratching Posts

Cat have the natural need to scratch, so it is important to provide your cat with a scratching post or plank. Cats have three reasons for scratching; to take care of their nails, to release stress and to communicate with other cats.

To take care of the nails

The scratching area is close to your cat’s sleeping area. Cat’s prefer a scratching post or furniture where they can scratch vertically.

To release stress and to mark territory

This scratching spot is located in your cat’s habitat. For example, choose a scratching board that allows your cat to scratch horizontally. Your cat is letting other cats know that his territory here.

To release stress and communicate with other cats

This can be both indoors and outdoors. When a cat scratches it leaves its scent but also visible scratches. That is why a cat often scratches in visible places, so other cats can see..

Beeztees dog pool

It is important to provide your pet with ways to cool down on hot days. A dog pool is perfect for your dog to cool off on sunny days. With the Beeztees Dog Pool Doggy Dip, your four-legged friend can take a lovely dip in the pool. The Beeztees swimming pool not only cools down your pet but also provides a lot of fun! The bottom and sides of the bath are made of sturdy fabric that resists scratches.

For the road

Beeztees has produced various travel bags and bicycle baskets. We have various products in our assortment. With these handy items, you can safely hit the road with your pet.