Cat Toys

Cats are very easy pets in the sense that they can amuse themselves or play with other cats in the neighbourhood, yet ideally you should take the time to play with your cat every now and then. It is especially important for kittens to receive plenty of exercise. Of course, there will be plenty of times when you are not in the mood to play or you don't have the time, so the cat will have to rely on its toys for entertainment. Plenty of cat toys not only allow the cat to play with itself, but are also capable of cleaning its teeth or training its muscles.

On our website you can order a range of toys including the Cheese Chase, a real challenge for curious cats of all ages. The Cheese Chase is an interactive type of toy which offers three games in one. The cat must hunt down "prey" which is constantly fleeing. The toy is also very suitable for cats that are not allowed outside, and as a result do not get to hunt their own prey. The game not only ensures that the cat gets plenty of exercise, but also contributes to good mental health. A cat can spend hours alone entertaining itself with Cheese Chase.

As cats are hunters, they are mostly active at night. Most owners like to keep their cats at home during the night, however, the cat will quickly become bored with the lack of stimulation. To keep your cat entertained you can purchase the Flashing Firefly Mat. Simply place the mat down on the floor and its lights will flicker and resemble fireflies; your cat will then chase the flies. If your cat begins to lose focus then the lights will automatically switch off, as the game is only active while the cat is touching the mat. The game is also completely silent so it will not disturb you while you sleep. Another fun toy with light effects is the Catch Me If You Can Laser Mouse. The mouse is a projected image on the floor or on the wall for the cat to chase around. This toy does, however, make mouse squeaking noises, and as a result is less suited to use during the night.

Another example of the toys that you can order from Vetsend are Dental Health Chews, which serve a dual purpose. The chews are filled with catnip and therefore are very attractive to your cat, however, the exterior is also tough enough that while your cat is biting on it, it cleans the plaque from your cat's teeth so that it helps maintain oral health.

On our website you can also buy the Pipolino. This is a unique feed dispenser that can be used for a variety of domestic animals, including cats and dogs. If the cat rolls the Pipolino around then it will deposit pieces of kibble onto the floor. Most cats love to eat, and will therefore be happy to play with these toys for the promise of a tasty treat. The toy will help with boredom, obesity, lethargy and diarrhea. You can set the Pipolino to five different positions for greater control over how many treats it dispenses when rolled. If your cat wants to get to the treats inside then it will have to roll the Pipolino across the floor. The feed dispenser is suitable for cats of all ages and is available in different sizes.

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