For Your Cat's Health

Vetsend is an online pet pharmacy that offer a huge range of products for your cat, including medication, diet food and pet care products.

Your Cat's Health

Your cat needs a healthy and nutritious diet to maintain a good condition. This is especially true for cats that struggle with specific issues or problems such as poor digestion, osteoarthritis, renal failure or obesity. Vetsend offers cats with these kind of issues a wide variety in Diet Cat Food. If your cat is not suffering from any health issues, then it is also possible to serve a maintenance food. For the top brands in cat food, please have a look at Royal Canin cat food, Hill's cat food, Specific cat food, Eukanuba cat food and Trovet.


Health and Welfare

To improve and maintain your cat's health, Vetsend has divided the many care products into the categories below. For example, Feliway, which makes sure that your cat feels safe and calm in stressful events. Each product includes a detailed description.

Cat Supplies

Besides food, we also have other high quality products for cats, such as feeding and drinking bowls, cat toys, scratching posts and cat beds. Make sure to check out the stylish cat litter trays from PeeWee and scratching posts from Beeztees.

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