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Does your cat show symptoms of being stressed? Then try out Feliway to reduce tension and stress and help to prevent conflicts between companion animals. Feliway can be used in various ways and is offered as a diffuser, spray or liquid.

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Feliway Classic

The Feliway Classic is a cat pheromone diffuser. When your pet feels safe they rub their heads against objects that are in their surroundings and leave a substance behind called facial pheromones. This substance helps the animal identify their “safe” locations around your home. If there aren’t any of these familiar marks in your pet’s surroundings, their anxiety can increase. Animals are very susceptible to stress, anxiety and fears, and even small changes (like a change in routine, moving home, rearranging furniture or new family members) can upset them. The Feliway Diffuser spreads a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone around your home, which has been clinically proven to help your furry friend during stressful situations. It can also help solve unwanted behavioural problems.


Feliway Spray

Like the diffuser, Feliway Spray can help prevent unwanted behaviour such as scratching and spraying. By spraying Feliway onto doorways, cat flaps and other prominent areas around the house, the pheromones spread making your animal feel more comfortable and reducing anxiety. You can also use Feliway Spray on your cat carrier to make trips to the vet (or travel in general) a much more pleasant experience.

Feliway Friends

The appeasing pheromone in Feliway Friends is a synthetic copy of the substance that nursing mothers produce to make their kittens feel safe. No matter the animal’s age, this pheromone can always be sensed and provides a calming effect on them. Feliway Friends has been designed specifically to help reduce tension and conflict in a multi-pet household.


This latest product by Feliway is aimed specifically at the unwanted behaviour of scratching. Your furry friend has a natural need to scratch as this helps keep their nails short, but it can also be a sign of stress. When they scratch a particular surface, they excrete a different type of pheromone known as feline inter-digital semiochemical. Feliscratch mimics this pheromone and can be used to mark places around the house that your pet is allowed to scratch (like their scratching post). Feliscratch has been clinically proven to help reduce unwanted scratching behaviour.

In which situations can Feliway be used?

Feliway can be used effectively in various situations:


When your pet marks his environment by spraying and/or urinating in the house, there can be several causes. However annoying this may be, it is a natural way to communicate with its environment. Both castrated and non-castrated animals mark their territory by spraying. However, there is a difference in the frequency with which this happens. It is not uncommon for cats to spray in stressful situations or to urinate in the house. However, if a habit seems to develop where the cat sprays several times a day and in new places, this may be a sign that it does not feel comfortable in the environment.

For the treatment of spraying behaviour, the Feliway diffuser is the most suitable. This is placed in a socket in the room where spraying occurs. For additional support you could use Feliway spray to apply to specific places where the cat sprays. If the vial in the evaporator is empty, you can replace it with Feliway refill.


When your pet scratches furniture, wallpaper or carpet, it mainly does so to mark its territory. Excessive scratching behaviour generally has nothing to do with maintaining the nails. To mark the territory towards others, cats usually scratch at visible locations – often near resting places. To mark the territory again and more strongly, they usually scratch on the same location. Such scratching behaviour indicates uncertainty: she does not feel completely safe in its environment and therefore needs to mark its territory over and over again. If your kitty scratches in undesirable places, you can use Feliscratch by Feliway.

Feliway spray is ideally suited for treating unwanted scratching. By applying Feliway spray on areas where your animal scratches, you give your kitty a feeling of safety, which eliminates the need to mark the territory over and over again.

Moving, renovation and redesign

Cats are territorial animals that mark their environment with both optical characteristics and smell. When you move house, rebuild or refurbish the house (for example when purchasing new furniture), the optical and scent marking that your pet had applied previously disappear – and with them the feeling of familiarity and well-being. In addition, they tend to go far away from home when in a new environment – with all its possible consequences.

With Feliway diffuser you can help your furry friend feel at ease in a new environment quickly. Due to the presence of the reassuring pheromones, the new environment feels somewhat familiar. It is therefore recommended – if possible – to place the vaporiser in your new home some time before moving. It is also wise to use the evaporator in the former house to relax your loyal companion and prepare for the relocation.

Loud sounds

Felines are generally anxious animals. Therefore, loud and especially unexpected sounds and a lot of noise can be a source of stress. Birthdays with many guests – possibly in combination with shifting furniture, causing your furry friend to change its territory – and New Year’s Eve are therefore not the most enjoyable days. The stress caused by the hustle and bustle in their environment is often expressed in spraying and unwanted scratching behaviour.

During these days, when your little tiger has an extra need for safety and security, the Feliway diffuser can be a solution. To give the reassuring pheromones enough time to spread, it is recommended to place the diffuser in the socket about a week before the day(s) in question.

Transport and visit to the vet

Cats are very sensitive to changes in their rhythm and environment. Transporting your kitty – for example for a visit to the vet – is therefore a source of fear and stress. To make it easier for you to transport your pet and to make it a little more pleasant, you can treat the transport box with Feliway’s spray about fifteen minutes before departure. If your pet looks different after a visit to your vet (e.g. because of a protective collar or Medical Pet Shirt), it is possible that other pets that are present will react differently to the ‘patient’. Using the Feliway evaporator, you can help the other cats to accept the ‘patient’.

Accommodation in a guesthouse

Sometimes it is necessary to temporarily accommodate your cat in a guesthouse – a new environment that will naturally bring with it the necessary fear and anxiety. Feliway spray can make your cat’s stay in the guesthouse more pleasant. To do so, the temporary stay should be treated with the spray fifteen minutes in advance, so that the soothing pheromones have enough time to work in and to release the soothing substances. By plugging in the diffuser a few days before returning home, you can make your cat feel at ease again more quickly in the family home.

Multi-cat households

In a multi-cat household, complex social structures can arise – from harmonious coexistence to fierce conflict. For the owner it is often very difficult to find the cause of conflicts. A tense situation leads to restlessness and stress, with all the consequences that entails – spraying, unwanted scratching behaviour, and so on.

Feliway Friends diffuser can help in a household with several cats to balance the mutual relationship and restore peace and stability. It can be effective for example in staring, blocking, fighting, chasing and conflicts with or without spraying. However, it is important to first take the necessary standard measures: make sure there are enough litter trays (number of cats + 1), feeding and drinking facilities and hiding and/or resting places. The rule of thumb that is often used here: do not put more animals in the house than available rooms in which they can withdraw.