Dog Ball Launchers

Ball launchers for dogs are ideal to make fetching even more fun for your furry friend. There are different types of ball launchers and shooters. These are fun for your dog to play with on his own, but can also be used together. In the category 'ball launchers' you can find different types of ball-throwers and shooters of different brands.

Classic ball launchers

A ball launcher is the perfect device to make fetching extra fun, both for you and your dog! The ball launcher allows you to throw the ball even further, giving your furry friend more fun playing the fetch game. In addition, the ball launcher is also ideal for pet owners. Thanks to these toys, you no longer have to bend down to pick up the ball. The classic ball launcher has a long or short handle and a handy 'bowl' with which you can pick up the ball.

Will you make the game even more challenging for your dog? Then take a look at the Hyper Pet Ball Launcher. This ball thrower is designed as a catapult and shoots balls up to 60 meters away! In addition, this toy has a convenient pickup mechanism that the classic ball thrower is known for.

Automatic ball launchers

Are you familiar with the automatic ball launcher yet? This ball launcher is especially suitable if you have little time or are unable to fetch with your dog.

With automatic ball launchers, your furry friend should drop the ball back into the opening of the machine. After that, the ball will be shot away. Some dogs may not understand this principle right away, but practice makes perfect. After a while of practice, your dog will have this toy all figured out and it will undoubtedly be his favourite playmate!

There are different types of automatic ball launchers. One of the best-known brands of automatic ball launchers is iDog. iDog has developed two different launchers. The iDog Mini is suitable for small-sized dogs and the iDog Midi can be used for large and medium-sized dogs. You can set these devices at different distances.

Ball Launchers for Dogs

Would you like to play fetch with your dog, but do you prefer it a bit more extreme? Vetsend has great ball shooters like the Nerf Ball Blaster. With this cannon, you can shoot your dog's favourite ball far away. This way you don't have to throw the ball yourself. In addition, these cannons also have the same handy pickup mechanism as the classic ball throwers.

Ball stomper

With the cool Nerf Tennis Ball Stomper, you can shoot balls up to 50 metres away. You activate the stomper by using your foot, which makes the balls shoot away. The harder you step on the air cushion, the further the ball goes.

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