Dog Baskets and Trailers for Bikes

Do you like to go cycling with your dog? You want to do this safely and responsibly. At Vetsend, we offer different products to make your cycling trips as safe and comfortable as possible. Have a look at our great quality bicycle trailers and baskets!

Bicycle Trailers

It is easy to transport your dog to wherever you want with a bicycle trailer. It’s easy, safe and comfortable for your dog and allows you and your dog to go on many adventures together! The trailers are easily attached to the back of your bike. The trailers are suitable for all different dogs and breeds. Elderly dogs who can’t walk far, or puppies who are not yet allowed to perform too much physical activity. Did you know you can transport dogs up to 40 kg? With a bicycle trailer, your dog will always be dry and comfortable!

Bicycle Baskets

At Vetsend, we have a lot of different bike baskets in our assortment. Using a basket is an efficient way to transport your dog comfortably. We offer baskets that are attached to your handlebars or baskets that you can put on your luggage holder. Our baskets come in a wide variety of materials. We have wicker baskets or baskets made from sustainable materials like the Trixie Dog Bicycle Basket Eva, which comes with a mesh hood to keep your dog dry and includes a short lead to keep your pet in place.

Leash runners

Do you prefer to give your dog some exercise while you are cycling without compromising you and your dog's safety by holding him on a leash? Have a look at our assortment of leash runners. These runners are also a perfect solution for bigger dogs that don’t fit in a basket. Have a look the Altranet Bike Leash Dogrunner or the Pawise Doggy Bike Exerciser Leash . With these runners, your dog can walk or run alongside your bike without getting a leash trapped in your wheel or pedals.