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Dog Travel & Safety

Whether you are travelling by car or by foot, safety always comes first. Vetsend offers a wide variety of safety products to use on the road such as travel bags, and bright lights that can be attached to your dog’s collar or leash to improve visibility in the dark.

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Safety in the car

We have many different car accessories in our assortment to ensure you and your pet can travel as safely as possible. Maybe consider the Happy Ride Tagalong Pet Booster seat. You can safely transport your dog in this car seat. This pet seat also allows your doggy to enjoy looking out the window whilst driving. Tired of vacuuming your car every time you bring your dog around? Try some of our protective blankets, which protects your car seats from dog hair and dirt. Another few helpful products are our dog seat belts, dog racks, and dog car seats.

Dog crates

Another way to transport your dog is with a dog crate. They come in many different colours and sizes. Make sure your dog is comfortable with his crate before using it for travel. It is also important to ensure the cage is secure in the car so it doesn’t move around with bumps and turns. One of our transport cages designed for the road is the Trixie Transport Box. This crate is made out of strong aluminium and has extra velcro strips on the bottom.

Safety on a bike

Another fun way of transporting your dog is bringing him along on your cycling adventures, however, it is important to do this safely with our different bike products. If you have a smaller dog, you might consider a dog basket for your bike. These are easily put on your handlebars. This way you can also keep an eye on your furry friend while cycling. Trying to put a Great Dane into a basket might not be the greatest idea, so baskets are not the best solution if you have a bigger dog. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring your bigger dog along cycling trips! Have a look at the Altranet Bike Leash Dogrunner . With this runner, your dog can walk or run alongside your bike without getting a leash trapped in your wheel or pedals.

Cyling trailers

If you want to transport your dog in luxury, you might want to consider a bike trailer for your dog. You can attach this trailer to the back of your bike. The Trixie Dog Bike is a trailer that can also convert into a dog stroller. Perfect to keep your dog dry if it rains during cycling.


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