Hill's Dog Food

Hill's Dog Food

Hill's Prescription Diet

Therapeutic Dog Food

Hill's Prescription Diet has been specifically designed for dogs suffering from certain health conditions and includes an extensive range of therapeutic food. Clinical testing has proven that this diet can help speed up your dog's recovery. Hill's Prescription Diet is not for sale in stores, but you can order it at Vetsend if you meet the disclaimer criteria.

Types of Hill's Diet Food

Hill's Prescription Diet consists of both wet and dry food for health conditions such as skin and coat, urinary, gastrointestinal or joint disorders, obesity or hypersensitivity.

Hill's Science Plan

Hill's Science Plan is a well balanced diet that contributes to your dog's optimal health, regardless of their age. Below you can find multiple characteristics for Hill's Science Plan meals.

Perfectly Balanced Nutrition for Dogs

Hill's Science Plan dog food consists of high quality ingredients that are proportionally combined to ensure a perfect balance. A disproportionate combination of ingredients can be detrimental to your dog's health by exacerbating present ailments or creating them. During the development of Hill's Science Plan, age, breed, size and nutritional needs are all taken into consideration to ensure perfect balance.

Antioxidants and Science

Hill's Science Plan dog food includes antioxidants, which have been scientifically proven to boost the immune system. A healthy immune system is vital to ensure that your dog maintains a good level of fitness. Antioxidants is the collective name for vitamins E and C; trace elements Selenium and Zinc; and bioactive substances. Antioxidants, although naturally present, are added to Hill's Science Plan dog food to offer cells additional protection from free radicals that could harm your dog.

Easily Digestible

Hill's Science Plan consists solely of high quality ingredients that are proportionally combined to enable easy digestion. By including high energy levels, your dog will require less food to receive all of the necessary nutrients. This not only benefits your dog's health, but also means that your bag of Hill's Science Plan lasts longer than you think!

Hill's Ideal Balance

Hill's Ideal Balance is a perfectly balanced, completely natural wellness food for dogs and cats prepared with chicken to ensure your pet maintains their ideal condition. This assortment supports your pet's overall health, immune system, skin, fur and digestive system.

Hill's Ideal Balance is based on the correct dosage of various nutrients, to ensure that your pet does not receive too much or a shortage of the necessary nutrients. A shortage of proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and nutritious fibres in your pet's diet can lead to bad growth, dull fur, fatigue, weakness and digestive disorders. Contrarily, an excess amount of these nutrients can lead to a bloated feeling, flatulence, undesirable weight gain, skeletal disorders, kidney stones and an unbalanced metabolism.

Ideal Balance Benefits

  • The right balance of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients.
  • Does not contain any corn, wheat or soya.
  • Chicken is the main ingredient.
  • No artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.


Ideal Balance is available for all of your pet's stages of life and comes in dry food, wet food and tasty treats. Additionally, the assortment has a no grain range, which is ideal for pets that have sensitive, weak or damaged intestines.

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