Horse Grooming

If your horse is dirty or if they suffer from skin conditions, it might be necessary for you to groom your horse. This category contains premium quality products for both the regular and specific care of your horse’s coat.

Skin Conditions

Like people, horses have different types of skin, ranging from dry and flaky to sensitive or greasy. Specialised shampoos have been designed to support the treatment of skin problems. For example, dry skin can benefit from Sectolin Z-T Shampoo.


Horses that are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time can get sunburned, particularly in sensitive areas, such as the skin on their head, nose and around the eyes, that has little to no pigment. Using sunscreen is a simple way of protecting these areas from the sun.


There are times at which your horse or pony’s coat could use a little extra shine; for competitions or shows, for example. Shop our extensive range of high quality shampoos and sprays to add a little shine here!

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