Kitten Food

Proper feeding is incredibly important to kittens, especially because a new-born kitten has completely different needs than an adult cat. Vetsend has a wide range of kitten food to make sure your kitten gets all the right nutrients. From dry food to kitten formula milk: you can always find a food that will help your kitten grow into a beautiful cat.

Dry Kitten Food

Dry food for kittens can usually be eaten until the kittens are 12 months old. The kibble size is adjusted so kittens can easily chew the food. Since this food is specifically developed for kittens, it contains all important nutrients for the little new-borns. Some of the brands that sell kitten food are the popular brands Royal Canin, Veterinary HPM, Acana and Specific. Did you know that Royal Canin also has specific kitten food for special breeds or recently neutered kittens? Just take a look at Royal Canin Maine Coon Kitten and the Royal Canin Kitten Sterilised. After being neutered, your kitten’s hormone balance will be all over the place. The special dry food has a moderate fat content, which promotes healthy growth and helps with weight maintenance.

Wet Kitten Food

Did you know that there is special wet food for kittens too? On our website you can find different types of wet food, sold by brands like Animondo, Carny and Hill’s. The wet food contains a special recipe with bite-sized chunks of meat. As there is wet food with gravy or jelly, even the pickiest eaters will find something they will like. Apart from wet food with meat chunks, there are also special mousses! This way you can spoil both the nursing cat and kittens up to 4 months old, for example with Royal Canin Mother & Babycat Mousse. Thanks to this mousse your kitten can smoothly transition from mother milk to solid food. To top it off, the mousse also supports the nursing cat’s immune system.

Kitten Formula Milk

Sometimes the mother cat cannot take care of her kittens. In those situations, you can use KMR Kitten Milk as a replacement. The milk can be used as a complete replacement or as a supplement. This formula milk is easily digestible and contains the necessary vitamins and minerals that help cats grow. To feed your cat, you can use the Nursing Kit we offer on our website. This set consists of a bottle with various nipples and a cleaning brush. This way you can hand-feed your kitten easily and make sure it still gets all the required nutrients.

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