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Proper care is very important for you cat to be able to grow strong and healthy. This means that kittens require the right food, wormers and flea treatment. Vetsend offers a wide range of products to help you care for your kitten, whether they are newborns or a little older, and various supplements and medications that can contribute to your kitten’s growth and development.

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Vaccinations are important to maintain your kitten’s health and boost their immune system. Their first vaccination, to help prevent feline panleukopenia virus and cat flu, should be given between the age of nine to twelve weeks. After this, your cat will need to be vaccinated once a year to maintain their immune system.


Your cat’s food should be adjusted to suit their age, as a newborn kitten, for example, will have different nutritious needs to a mature cat. PetAg KMR Kitten milk can be used to replace mother milk entirely, in case the mother cat is unable to care for her young, or as a supplement. KMR Cat Milk Replacers contain essential vitamins and minerals that promote the growth and development of kittens and is easily digestible. To help you hand raise a kitten, you can use a nursing kit that contains a bottle, various bottle teats and a cleaning brush.

Smell and Stain Remover

It is common for accidents to occur if your kitten has not yet, or only just, been house trained. The use of a product like Urine-Off Spray for Cats is highly recommended as it removes smells and stains caused by cat urine from a range of surfaces.