Paw & Leg Protection for Dogs

Our dog's paws and the padding in particular, have a lot to endure in a variety of weather conditions, such as snow, ice, warmth and moisture. The weight of your dog rests on his four legs and paws, which can lead to problems with the padding, such as a tear. Another common issue with the paws is a ripped nail.

This category offers a wide range of products relating to the care of your dog's paws and legs such as dog shoes, paw cream, paw wax and nail clippers.

It is very important to protect your dog's paws from the cold, de-icing salt and pebbles in the winter. Below, you can find our range of products to help you care for your dog's paws. Another important thing to consider in the winter is the fact that your dog could slip and cause an injury; a leg protector with rubber sole could help here!

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