Straw & Bedding

There are many types of bedding available for rabbits and small pets. It provides comfort, absorbs moisture and helps retain warmth for your rabbit. All rabbit hutches and cages should contain a layer of absorbent bedding materials. At Vetsend we offer a range of premium quality bedding, such as pellets, straw and even dust free straw, for rabbits that are oversensitive to dust.


There are numerous types of pellets that can be used as absorbent bedding. Pellets can be sprinkled across the entire bottom of the hutch or cage, or used solely in a 'toilet' if your rabbit uses one of these. One of the key benefits of using pellets, as opposed to other bedding such as wood shavings, is that they contain a lot less dust. Examples of this type of bedding include the PeeWee Wood Pellets and plant-based pellets.


Straw is one of the most commonly used types of bedding for both indoor and outdoor rabbits. It comes in many different types such as barley and wheat straw. Straw is very suitable for retaining warmth, but it is not as absorbent as other bedding materials. Because of this, straw is often used in combination with other bedding. Rabbits that are sensitive to dust can be given Supasoft Bedding, which is made of chopped barley wheat and contains less dust than regular straw, to avoid respiratory problems.

Bedding made of Fibres

Vetsend offers a range of bedding that are made of fibres. One of the main benefits for fibrous bedding is that they generally contain less dust. An example of bedding made of fibrous materials includes the Carefresh line, which is made from reclaimed cellulose. Reclaimed cellulose bedding is highly absorbent and very soft. Another example includes the Tumblefresh, which is made of virgin wood pulp. If you would rather not use cotton or cellulose fibres, the Chipsi bedding could be a suitable alternative. The absorbent mat of hemp fibres is practically dust-free and will help lower the chances of respiratory irritations and other respiratory problems.