Yarrah is a producer of animal food that offers a complete range of organic products. Since 1992 Yarrah exclusively uses chickens, cattle and turkeys that have lived a good life. The food is 100% organic and therefore extra tasty and healthy. Yarrah obtains the ingredients from farmers and livestock farmers who wish to make the world a little more pleasant. Yarrah's quality manager personally visits all suppliers. This allows him to say with certainty that the animals have had a good life and their products are 100% organic.

Yarrah is the first (organic) animal food brand with the three full stars of the Beter Leven Keurmerk (Better Life Certification) . This quality mark was introduced in 2007 by the Dutch Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in order to improve the animal welfare of animals used for consumption.

Dry Food

Vetsend offers different types of Yarrah dry food. Dry food is available for both dogs and cats. Both Yarrah Dog Food and Yarrah Cat Food is available in wheat-free dry food and dry food for different stages of life or breeds. The chunks of Yarrah are easily digestible and reduce the chance of reactions to nutrients and stomach and intestinal complaints. Did you know that vegetarian food for dogs is also available? No animal products are added to the Yarrah - Dry Food Dog Vega Bio as it consists of 100% vegetarian ingredients.

Wet Food

Yarrah also offers wet food that is suitable for your loyal companion. These are available in different flavours for dogs and cats. The wet food is made from 100% organic chunks in sauce or wet food in the form of a paté, such as Yarrah - Cat Food Paté with Fish Bio. Wet food is available in the flavours chicken, salmon, beef, chicken & turkey, chicken & fish, pork, chicken & vegetables and fish. Yarrah wet food is sold in alutrays, pouches or cans. It is also possible to offer your four-legged friend cat alternating wet food with the Yarrah Multi Pack Dog Bio or the Yarrah Multi Pack Cat Bio. The box contains different flavours of wet food, to offer your furry friend a variety of meals. All wet food packages in the multi packs are grain-free. That's going to be a feast!


Yarrah also sells organic treats for your dog or cat. You can spoil your cat with the healthy, responsible and delicious Yarrah - Chew Stick Cat with Fish. These tasty snacks consist of 96% organic meat and contain vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Vetsend also has various treats for dogs in its Yarrah range. Specially for dogs, we offer the Chew Stick with beef and the tasty Vega Multi Dog biscuits. Does your dog deserve a delicious treat? Then spoil your dog with the Yarrah - Chicken Necks Bio. This organic meat snack consists of 100% chicken.

Training treats

During training you can use a snack as a reward for good behaviour. For example, the Yarrah - Organic Mini Bites Dog Snack. This tasty treat is packaged in a handy resealable bag, so they can easily be taken along during a workout or walk. The treats are about 1 cm in size, which makes them perfect as a reward during training.

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