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8 in 1 Vitality Multivitamin Senior

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    This product is no longer available. You can find a suitable alternative here.

    8 in 1 Vitality Multivitamin Senior

    These multivitamin tablets are specially formulated for senior dogs. They contain a balanced blend of essential vitamins and minerals. This supplement helps prevent nutritional deficiencies.

    Key features

    • Balanced composition of vitamins and minerals
    • Specially designed for older dogs
    • Suitable for senior dogs that are 7 years or older

    Directions for use

    Body weight Dosage per day
    < 4 kg 0.25 tablet
    4 to 20 kg 1 tablet
    > 20 kg 2 tablets


    70 tablets


    Yeast, minerals, vegetable by-products, fish and fish by-products, sugar, oils and fats, milk and milk by-products.

    Nutritional Additives

    Vitamins, provitamins and chemically well-defined substances having a similar effect: vitamin A 700000 IU/kg, vitamin D3 80000 IU/kg, vitamin E 1700 mg/kg, vitamin B1 640 mg/kg, vitamin B2 770 mg/kg, vitamin B6 77 mg/kg, vitamin B12 180 ug/kg, vitamin C 2600 mg/kg, biotin 9000 ug/kg, nicotinic acid amide 9000 mg/kg, folic acid 27 mg/kg, pantothenic acid 420 mg/kg. Compounds of trace elements: E1 iron 2130 mg/kg, E4 copper 50 mg/kg, E5 manganese 67 mg/kg, E6 zinc 2240 mg/kg, E2 iodine 199 mg/kg
    Vitamin D3, iodine, zinc, copper and iron make up no more than 2.5% of the regular diet.

    Analytical constituents

    Crude protein 21.0%, crude fat 5.5%, crude fibre 0.5%, crude ash 23.0%, moisture content 8.0%.

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