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8 reasons why having a pet is better than a partner

Who doesn't long for love and affection?! But who says that a partner is the only one who can give you love and warmth? What about a pet? Not only are they soft and cuddly, but they are also great listeners (and they can't give you headaches)! We combined 8 reasons why having a pet is better than a partner.

girl cuddles cats

1. Amazing cuddle material

Let’s be real, we can all agree that pets are hands down the best cuddle material out there. Not only are they fluffy and super soft, but most pets do also love getting snuggles and attention as well. That means that your cuddle sessions can be as long as you want! Plus, petting an animal is good for your health. It’s a win-win if you ask us.

2. Always happy to see you and always down to chill

Jumping up and down, wagging its tail, or rubbing its head against you: there’s nothing better than coming home to a happy pet. It doesn’t even matter whether you have been gone for a full day or only 5 minutes. We can guarantee that you won’t get the same response from a partner (although that would be a bit weird). Not just that, pets are always up for hanging out with you. No more phone or PlayStation addictions, your pet’s attention is on you!

3. You can have multiple

Unlike a partner, you can have as many pets as you want (without judgment from people around you). You probably don’t want to overdo it, but what’s better than 1 fluffball running around your house? Yes, 2 fluffballs running around your house!

4. They will always be loyal

Want to gossip about your annoying neighbours? Has your colleague driven you crazy again? Or do you just want to talk about nonsense? We can guarantee that your pet will keep your secrets! Okay, it might have to do with the fact that they can’t speak, but if you just need to vent, pets are great listeners. They will also stick around, no matter what happens. You won’t find a best friend as loyal as a pet!

5. They are easily trainable

Just hold some treats in front of their nose, and a pet would do anything. Depending on the animal, most pets are easy to train if you take the time. Plus, you can show off your pet to friends with some new tricks you’ve taught it! As you can imagine, you would get very strange looks if you tried to do that with your partner.

6. They would never judge you, or your sense of fashion

A pet would accept you exactly the way you are. You could walk around with exploded hair in a clown suit, and they would still not care. They would never judge your style of fashion or your taste in reality series (no more fights over the remote!).

7. They are low maintenance, compared to a partner

Coffee in the morning, cooking in the evening, folding clothes, deciding what to eat, fighting over which movie to watch: relationships can be hard work. Compared to humans, pets are super low maintenance. Give your pets a few treats or toys, and they can keep themselves busy for a long time. Doesn’t that just make your life easy?

8. Last but not least: They love you unconditionally, and are truly a friend for life

Each pet owner can agree on one thing: the love of a pet is unconditional. When you get a pet, you are getting a friend for life.


Have you read this blog and do you still want a relationship? Having a pet works to your advantage! The fact is, pets are amazing wingmen, and they also have great judgment. So get your camera out, and take some new profile photos including your fluffy partner in crime. We are sure those likes and matches will go through the roof! (Have we mentioned that walking your dog in a nice park can be a great first date?)