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Activon Manuka Honey Gel

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  • Product Description

    Activon Manuka Honey Gel

    Manuka Honey gel is a gel that contains 100% New-Zealand Manuka honey without additives. The honey is filtered and sterile, making it suitable to use on wounds. Honey has beneficial effects on the recovery of the skin and helps protect from unwanted micro-organisms.

    Key features

    • 100% Manuka honey
    • Effective against unwanted micro-organisms
    • Combats bad odours
    • Attracts moisture
    • Rich in antioxidants
    • Provides a protective barrier
    • Maintains an ideal moist wound climate
    • Removes dead tissue

    Recommended for

    Manuka honey gel is ideal for use on wounds, particularly ulcers, surgical wounds, burns and infected wounds, cavities and sinuses.

    Not suitable for

    Do not use this gel if your pet is allergic to bee venom. If your pet has diabetes, you should carefully monitor its glucose levels, even though the honey gel will not end up in the blood stream.


    Apply the gel generously to the wound. You can then cover the wound with a secondary bandage. The gel can be used in combination with Algivon Manuka Alginate bandages to remove dead tissue.


    Store the tube at room temperature. When the gel becomes too hard, you can warm it up between your hands right before use. If the gel is too liquid, you can put it in the fridge for a couple of minutes. Use the gel within 90 days of opening, and for one animal only.


    25 grams

    Active substance

    100% Manuka honey

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