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Adori Crate Cover

This product is no longer available.

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  • Product Description

    Adori Crate Cover

    The Crate Cover from Adori is a cover that you can use for your dog's crate. You can cover the entire crate or choose a specific side. You can use this cover to create a safe resting place for your dog. As a result, they are less distracted and they can relax optimally!


    • Suitable for dogs
    • Creates safe resting place
    • Available in multiple sizes


    • 62 x 46 x 51 cm
    • 78 x 50 x 54 cm
    • 93.5 x 59 x 67 cm
    • 109 x 72 x 77 cm
    • 125 x 77 x 82.5 cm



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