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AdTab Chewable Tablets for Dogs

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  • Product Description

    AdTab Chewable Tablets for Dogs

    AdTab is a tasty chewable tablet that protects your dog against fleas and ticks. It kills existing fleas within 6 hours and existing ticks within 8 hours. The flea tablet works from within and is easy to administer with some food or within 30 minutes after feeding. It is suitable for dogs from 8 weeks of age and for breeds with a body weight from 1.3 kg.

    In short

    • Protects against fleas and ticks
    • Kills fleas within 6 hours
    • Kills ticks within 8 hours
    • Small, tasty chewable tablet
    • Easy to give, with or without food
    • Effective protection for 30 days
    • Suitable from 8 weeks and 1.3 kg body weight


    You can give the AdTab chewable tablets to your dog directly, simply via the mouth. Do this within 30 minutes of feeding. If your dog does not want to eat the tablet out of your hand, you can give it with some food.


    Weight of the dog Optimal dosage
    Dogs 1.3 - 2.5 kg 1 chewing tablet AdTab 56 mg
    Dogs >2.5 - 5.5 kg 1 chewing tablet AdTab 112 mg
    Dogs >5.5 - 11 kg 1 chewing tablet AdTab 225 mg
    Dogs >11 - 22 kg 1 chewing tablet AdTab 450 mg
    Dogs >22 - 45 kg 1 chewing tablet AdTab 900 mg

    Use an appropriate combination of chewable tablets of different/same strength for dogs over 45 kg body weight. The tablets must not be split.

    Not suitable for

    • Hypersensitivity to the active ingredients
    • Pups younger than 8 weeks and animals under 1.3 kg
    • Do not use in cats. For cats, there is AdTad Chewable Tablets for Cat


    3 chewable tablets and therefore 3 months of protection in 1 box.

    Size tablet

    • 56 mg > 7 mm
    • 112 mg > 9 mm
    • 225 mg > 11.5 mm
    • 450 mg > 14.5 mm
    • 900 mg > 18.5 mm

    Active substance


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