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Christmas isn’t complete without your pet. To make Christmas special for pets too, there is an advent calendar for dogs, cats, and small animals. With this special calendar, you can count down 24 days to Christmas together! Delicious snacks are hidden behind each door of the calendar.

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How does an advent calendar for dogs, cats, and small animals work?

An advent calendar has lots of little doors with numbers. Each day leading up to Christmas, a little door may be opened. Behind this door there’s a delicious treat for your sweet dog, cat or small animal. By opening a door together every day, you create a special bond between you two. Every day is a surprise, because you don’t know what kind of treat is hidden behind the door this time.

Assortment of Advent Calendars

Vetsend has various advent calendars in its range, including from Trixie. This advent calendar for dogs, cats, and small animals from Trixie is filled with 9 different snacks. The front of this advent calendar features a beautiful animal picture.

Are you going to count down together on December 1st? Take a quick look at the range of advent calendars for dogs, cats, and small animals at Vetsend!