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AFP Chill Out - Always Cool Dog Mat

This product is no longer available.

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    This product is no longer available. You can find a suitable alternative here.

    All For Paws

    All For Paws (AFP) specialises in designing unique and stylish products for dogs and cats. The team behind AFP makes products which meet the needs of the animals, as well as the different lifestyles of their owners. All For Paws describe their products as useful products with a story and a purpose. All For Paws products are available worldwide and of course at

    Sensitive to heat

    Overheating can be dangerous to a dog's health. Dogs have virtually no sweat glands, and can only regulate their body temperature by panting or by sweating through the pads on their paws. A dog can only a lose a small portion of its excess body heat this way, so dogs are prone to heat stroke, which can lead to permanent organ damage, comas or even death.

    AFP Chill Out - Always Cool Dog Mat

    Could your dog use some refreshment on a hot day? All For Paws Chill Out Always Cool Dog Mat is a pleasant way for dogs to cool down. Even on the hottest days, the special gel inside the cooling pad ensures that they always stay cool. The AFP Chill Out Always Cool Dog Mat does not need to be chilled in the refrigerator, and can used at any time.

    The AFP Chill Out Always Cool Dog Mat is activated by the body weight of the dog. The mat is 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the temperature of the dog's environment. The cooling pad reactivates itself within a few minutes of inactivity. It is easy to clean and fold away.

    The cooling mat contains no chemical ingredients.


    • Size M: 50x40 cm.
    • Size L: 90x60 cm.

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