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AFP Fresh Flow Fountain

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    All For Paws

    All For Paws specialise in designing unique, stylish products for cats and dogs. The team behind All For Paws strives to continually design products that meet the needs of pets, but also fit the lifestyles of their owners. They describe them as practical products with a story and purpose. AFP products are available worldwide and, of course, here at

    AFP Fresh Flow Fountain

    The Fresh Flow Fountain from All For Paws is a specially designed drinking fountain for cats. Thanks to the filter in the fountain, your cat always has access to clean, filtered drinking water. The continuously flowing water keeps it fresh and odour-free, encouraging your cat to drink more water, contributing to good overall health.

    The Fresh Flow Fountain is powered by electricity and has a low power consumption (less than 4 Watt). The drinking fountain is filled with a maximum of 1 litre of water.

    Please Note: the power cord provided, comes with an European Electric Plug


    The fountain contains a foam filter and a carbon filter. The foam filter collects dirt, food, hair and sediment, while the carbon filter absorbs impurities from the water, so the water is always fresh.

    It is recommended that the Fresh Flow Fountain filters are replaced about once a week. The filters come in 6 packs of 2 filters, providing enough filters for about 3 months.


    Height 26 cm, width 23 cm, height 13 cm.

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