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Agrivet Control Odour Spray

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    Agrivet Control Odour-Spray

    The Agrivet Control Odour-Spray is a treatment specially developed to combat odours from your horse. In addition, it supports the coat and skin in protecting against parasites. Especially in summer, your horse will have to deal with a lot of gnats and is more likely to be stung by ticks. The spray is specially developed with the best essential oils to disguise sweat odour. This disguise also supports defence against parasites, so your horse can enjoy the fresh grass and fresh air.


    • Long-lasting treatment to disguise odour and keep parasites at bay
    • Suitable for ponies and horses mainly outdoors in pasture
    • Prevents unwanted odours due to sweat
    • Supports your horse's skin and coat in protecting against parasites


    • Shake the spray before use
    • Apply the spray to the areas where your horse suffers most from sweat patches
    • Repeat the spray treatment as soon as the effects are diminishing
    • Never apply the spray to areas that are covered, think of the area around the saddle
    • Avoid the area around your horse's face


    500 ml

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