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All Friends Animal Allergen Spray

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    All Friends Animal Allergen Spray

    All Friends Animal Allergen Spray from Chrisal is a probiotic spray for animals and their environment. The probiotics actively remove allergens, ensuring a healthy micro-flora in the area and reducing the risk of germs.

    Many animals suffer from skin problems or allergies. The fur/coat can often gather dirt, allergens or harmful microorganisms. Chrisal have developed this probiotic spray which aims to keep the skin or fur as clean as possible. This is not only beneficial for the animal itself, but also for people who are allergic to certain substances in the fur/coat. As a result, your pets will be healthier and you can enjoy spending time with them.

    The probiotic All Friends Animal Allergen Spray provides a healthy microflora for the animal. Once the surface is occupied with probiotics, the risk of other harmful micro-organisms decreases. The probiotics are 100% natural and safe, and also actively contribute to preserving the environment.


    Spray the All Friends Animal Allergen Spray on the animal and its environment. Do this once daily for 1 week, then twice weekly.


    Keep the All Friends Animal Allergen Spray between 5 and 40 degrees C, away from direct sunlight, and out of reach of children.


    Preservatives: Methylisothiazolinone, Perfume, Bacillus Ferment.

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